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Infortrend Network - The brand new EonStor GS 3025B
24 May 2017

The brand new 2U 25-bay high density EonStor GS 3025B has been launched. This storage enables users to optimize data center footprint and...

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Infortrend Network - The brand new All Flash Array
23 May 2017

The brand new 2U 25-bay EonStor GS All Flash Array has been launched. Built specifically to meet the demands of high-speed transfer with...

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5700% Faster with Infortrend Storage - SCHAEFER
02 May 2017

Cover Story SCHAEFER Built 5700% Faster IT Infrastructure with Infortrend Storage SCHAEFER GmbH is a global leader providing premium...

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Infortrend Network - Success Story
26 April 2017

Success Story Infortrend storage supports non-stop CCTV camera operations The Office of...

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Infortrend Network - Infortrend is Autodesk Flame certified
22 March 2017

We are pleased to share with you that our EonStor DS 4024B storage system is now Autodesk Flame certified. The integrated DS 4024B and Flame...

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Fujitsu fi-7600 and fi-7700 Document Scanners Press Release
14 March 2017

Fast-track digital transformation with new Fujitsu fi-7600 and fi-7700 document scanners New Fujitsu document scanners for production-level...

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Infortrend Network - Configuring File and Block level
08 March 2017

Infortrend’s flexible and automated EonOne Workflow can easily create a storage space for File and Block level usage. For you to better...

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Symmetric A-A Controllers Support
07 March 2017

Cover Story Symmetric A-A Controllers to Minimize IT Efforts and Boost Performance The Infortrend EonStor GS Family now supports...

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Infortrend Network - EonStor DS tops SPC-2 Results Yet Again
22 February 2017

Infortrend announce that our EonStor DS 4024B has been ranked number one for SPC-2 with an excellent Price-Performance ratio, providing...

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Infortrend Network - Symmetric Active-Active Controller Configuration
08 February 2017

Infortrend EonStor GS Family now supports two robust features, symmetric active-active controller configuration and Service Manager, bringing...

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Infortrend Introduction for 2017
07 February 2017

Cover Story Reasons to Choose Infortrend, the Dedicated Storage Solution Provider Infortrend had a very good year in 2016, as we were...

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Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1100 won BLI's Winter 2016 Pick Award
26 January 2017

Canon imageFORMULA DR-G1100 " Outstanding Budget-Friendly A3 Mid-Volume Production Scanner " The Canon...

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