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Infortrend has successful launched EonStor GSe 3000 Series
25 May 2016

Infortrend has successful launched EonStor GSe 3000 Series

Following the successful launch of the EonStor GSe 3000 Series, we are pleased to inform you that two new series from the EonStor GSe Family, the "EonStor GSe 1000" and "EonStor GSe 2000," have been released. The EonStor GSe 1000 and 2000 Series are entry level unified storages with ease-of-use for file, block, and object storage in a single consolidated system. The EonStor GSe Family not only delivers flexibility for both structured and unstructured data, but also provides high availability and scalability.

Below are introductory materials to help you learn more about the EonStor GSe Family:

* If you have any questions or comments regarding the Forefront Network program or this week's update, please contact the Forefront Network Program Manager .

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Case Study

EonStor DS 4000 System Powers Roush Media's SAN System

"I found Infortrend EonStor DS 4000 Series to be exactly the perfect fit for our needs as a state of the art replacement to our old storage. It's fast and rock solid reliable. It provides top performance at a value price that cannot be beat." – Keith Roush, CEO at Roush Media Inc.

With work on 4K, 6K+ and higher frame rate (60P) artwork, Roush Media is an award winning boutique post-production company providing finishing services for Film & TV. For details of this success story and how Infortrend made it happen, please click here

New Product

New SFF EonStor DS 1036B Storage to Meet 2.5" High Performance SAS HDD Demands

Designed to maximize performance and efficiency for entry level users, the new small form factor (SFF) system "EonStor DS 1036B", designed with high RPM SAS 2.5" hard disk drives (HDD), was released recently.

With 2.5" drives overtaking 3.5" 15000RPM SAS drives in the market, this is the ideal storage for entry-level users who would like to utilize high-performance SAS drives for their systems.

For more information about the EonStor DS 1036B, click here

Infortrend Released 4U 60-bay High Density Expansion Enclosures (JBODs) for Systems Featuring RAID Cards and Host Bus Adapters

Infortrend just released two new JBODs, the "JB 260" and "JB 360," for systems featuring RAID cards and Host Bus Adapters. Providing more space with their 4U 60-bay high density enclosures, JB 360 delivers high performance with its 12Gb/s SAS drive connections, while JB 260 comes with 6Gb/s SAS connections.

For more information about JB 360, please click here

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