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Comparison with Resilient storage
03 October 2016
New comparison table for ESDS-1016R against Resilient PS-5000 released from Infortrend.
The winning point for Infortrend is number of support drives per system in this case. 
The competitor can only support 108 drives per system. 


Infortrend DS-1016R

Rasilient PS-5000

RAID configuration

0, 1, 10, 3, 30, 5, 50, 6, 60

0, 1, 5, 50, 10, 6, 60

Video Surveillance Bandwidth

Default 800MBps and up-to 1600MBps with extended iSCSI 1G host board.

250MBps tested for all major VMS to ensure no recording gaps

Number of HD cameras for recording



VMS Tested

No recorded.

Milestone, Genetec, Aimetis, ISS, Avigilon, ExacqVision, VideoEdge, and many more

Random Read/Write IOPS


Not specified - no use for surveillance

MBPS throughput (R/W) MB/s


Not specified - no use for surveillance


Up to 32G (16G per controller)

Up to 16G

Host connectivity

Default iSCSI 1G x4 per controller

Optional extended host board:

FC: 8Gx4, 16Gx2

SAS: 6Gx2, 12Gx2

iSCSI: 1Gx4, 10Gx2

iSCSI - 1G NIC (x10); optinal 10G NIC (x4)

HDD Type


Form factor: 3.5"/ 2.5"

RMP: 7.2K, 10K, 15K

Capacity : 2/4/5/6/8/10TB

3.5" SAS/SATA - High Capacity (4/6/8/10TB) and Video Class drives focus

SED HDD Support

Yes, to improve efficiency for data encryption.


SSD Support

Yes, can support all-flash mode.

Yes, SSD for HyperCache

SSD as Cache

Yes, up to 1600GB per controller. Response time reduced up to 88%.

Yes, 120GB - sized based on HyperCache algorithm

Write Cache protection

Yes, safeguard cache data from power outage.


Max Drives

LFF: 324 - SFF: 360

LFF: 108 - SFF: not supported

High Density Enclosure

4U/48, 4U/60

5U/92D, up to 5PB per rack

Expansion configuration

3U16, 4U48, 4U60



Yes. Optimize capacity utilization and expand volume without downtime.

Not implemented - no use for surveillance

Cache Algorithms for Video Surveillance


Yes - Patented

Long-term BusyPlot Diagnostics for Video Surveillance


Yes - Patented

Drive Self-healing


Yes - ZM technologies

Proactive Drive Replacement to solve long RAID rebuild window


Yes - Patent-pending


Yes, optional. Automated storage tiering to 2 or 4 layer to keep hot data (most access & newly data) in the faster access layer.

Yes - Hyper Cache with learning algorithm for Surveillance traffic


Yes. Backup window as short as minutes.

Removed - no use for surveillance

Remote Replication

Yes. Support secondary applications such as analysis and back-up.

Not implemented - no use for surveillance


A classic efficiency enterprise RAID. Outstanding performance and capacity (usage capacity up-to 3,016TB/system) with robust back-up & scalability solution for many applications.

The Only Storage System entirely Built for Surveillance. The Only RAID Controller Optimizes only for Video Surveillance


*1: Camera configuration: 720p HD resolution with 15fps and normal video quality, records 24hours, and stores 30Days.

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