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The Intuitive Storage Management Tool EonOne
12 October 2016

Infortrend recently released the storage management tool EonOne for the EonStor GS Family. Besides guiding users to quickly and easily complete all storage related setups and configurations with initial setup wizard and the streamlined Workflow, it also offers a range of features for central management of multiple systems such as Storage Resource Management (SRM), system monitoring, access authorization, and event notifications.

Below are introductory materials to help you learn more about EonOne and its applications:
EonOne Training Slides

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Gartner Report

Market Guide for Cloud Storage Gateways Abstract

According to the latest report from Gartner, 80% of cloud storage gateway functionality will exist as native features in storage products by 2019.
Cloud storage gateways deliver value in extending unstructured data workloads to cloud, but aren’t ideal for transactional workloads, and its capacity expansion features are also incompatible with how users and applications interact with files.

New Host Support

EonStor DS 4000U now supports high performance 56Gb/s InfiniBand host interface

Featuring high bandwidth for high throughput and low latency, InfiniBand is a networking communications standard used in high-performance computing (HPC) such as data centers and big data applications. EonStor DS 4000U models now support 56Gb/s InfiniBand, providing users with more options while offering the same excellent performance.
For more information on EonStor DS 4000, please click Read More

Application Notes

Trunking, MPIO, MC/S Configuration Guide for EonStor GS/GSe/DS Family

Application Notes
Infortrend recently released Application Notes on how to configure trunking, Multi-Path Input / Output (MPIO), and Multiple Connections per Session (MC/S) for the EonStor GS/GSe/DS storage systems. This paper shows the necessary information and complete step-by-step configuration instructions for the EonStor GS/GSe/DS.
For more details on Infortrend application notes, please click. Read More

Quick Tips

What is D2D2C?

D2D2C (disk to disk to cloud) is a kind of hybrid cloud backup that uses local storage to store data that will eventually be sent to cloud storage. Data is first stored on a local storage so it can be accessed at high speed, and will be encrypted and transmitted to the cloud later.

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