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Storage Awards – EonStor GS
14 December 2016

Infortrend announced the announce that Infortrend’s EonStor GS family now supports symmetric active-active controllers. This configuration can simplify IT management by eliminating the need to configure a preferred path in VMware clustered environments, and performance is boosted as workload is equally distributed without additional load balancing software.

These outstanding features, combined with Infortrend’s experience in intelligent data allocation algorithms, make the EonStor GS a deserving winner and give us the motivation to push the boundaries of hybrid disk storage products even further.
To see the full list of 2016 Storage Awards winners, click here. For details about EonStor GS, click here.

DSA Awards

Cast Your Votes Now to Help Infortrend to be the Ultimate Winner of DSA Awards

Infortrend has been nominated by DSA Awards 2016 in the category of “Best NAS Vendor,” and we need your help to vote for us to be the ultimate winner! All the nominees were selected by the DSA (Data & Storage Asean) editorial team based on its in house professionals.
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Application Notes

Updated and Compiled Application Notes for You to Know More About the EonStor GS

The EonStor GS family is a series of unified storage system which integrates file, block, and object level into one comprehensive package. As the EonStor GS/GSe families will be our main products going into 2017, we have compiled and updated various application notes for your convenience as below:


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