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Success story – Media and entertainment solution for Roush Media
11 January 2017
We are pleased to share with you that Roush Media, the award-winning post-production services company, has managed all creative finishing for the film “I’m Not Ashamed” with help from Infortrend’s robust storage systems, allowing them to craft the stunning post-production results for this film.
Click here for Roush Media’s full success story.
Click here to watch their YouTube testimony.
Infortrend Technology, Inc.

Company Introduction

Why choose Infortrend?

Let our introduction materials tell you!
Infortrend is a dedicated storage solutions provider with a strong technical foundation that includes one of the best R&D teams in the industry, to deliver the best performance and reliability with the latest standards. Heading into 2017, we have updated the company introduction as below:
One page about Infortrend: a quick and easy way to understand Infortrend
Infortrend brochure: know more about why choose Infortrend storage systems and solutions
Company Power Point slide: an easy introduction tool about the Infortrend company

Product Introduction

The brand new introduction about the EonStor GSe Family

We at Infortrend have recently given the EonStor GSe webpage a complete facelift. You can get a better understanding of the EonStor GSe Family and its benefits, including key features, hardware and data service overview, and use cases. Furthermore, customers can easily contact us if they require customizations via the handy Inquiry button on the right.
Click here to see the all new EonStor GSe page.


YouTube Video

A first look demonstration video for the newly released EonStor GS

You should all know by now that the EonStor GS family is our main product heading into 2017. For you to gain a better understanding, we have uploaded a video to YouTube to demonstrate a step-by-step installation process for the EonStor GS hardware, from preparation, unpack, installation, to access of EonStor GS via the EonOne graphic user interface.
Click here to see the video.

Application Notes

SSD Cache configuration guide for the EonStor GS to enhance storage system performance

Infortrend recently released Application Notes to introduce the key benefits and operations of our SSD Cache technology. SSD Cache can leverage the high speed and low latency of solid state drives to deliver faster read performance, and this paper shows the necessary information and complete step-by-step setup instructions of SSD Cache.
For more details on the application, please click here. For more Infortrend application notes, click here.


Infortrend storage systems now support for VMware VAAI and SRM

To reduce virtual machine overhead on physical servers from mission critical applications, an integration between VMware and storage array is required. With the support of VAAI (VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration), EonStor GS system can significantly improve virtual operations performance in VMware environments. Besides, the support for SRM (Site Recovery Manager) is also used for data protection and disaster recovery in different sites.

If you require localized versions the above document or any further support, please contact our sales representatives.

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