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5700% Faster with Infortrend Storage - SCHAEFER
02 May 2017

Cover Story

SCHAEFER Built 5700% Faster IT Infrastructure with Infortrend Storage

SCHAEFER GmbH is a global leader providing premium quality elevator components. Thanks to Infortrend’s storage systems, its next generation IT infrastructure delivers a 5700% faster performance, allowing the SCHAEFER team to process 20% more orders, with 85% less power consumption and 70% smaller system footprint demands.
“As IT forms the heart of our company, SCHAEFER can now work with greater speed, precision, and efficiency. The new IT system also reduces our maintenance and operating costs without compromising our data security,” said Joachim Pfeifer, Project Lead, SCHAEFER.
Click here for the full success story, and here for the video testimony.

Success Story

Infortrend Storage Supports Non-stop CCTV Camera Operations

The Office of Gwanak-Gu, the second most populated district of Seoul, uses Infortrend storage to support its 24/7 city surveillance operation comprising 2,500+ CCTV cameras. Satisfied with the multiple advantages such as high availability and minimum downtime offered by Infortrend storage, the Gwanak-Gu Office has been an avid supporter of Infortrend storage since 2012.
To read the full success story, please click here.


Infortrend Storage Meets Autodesk Flame 2018 Requirements

Infortrend EonStor DS 4024B storage system is now Autodesk Flame 2018 software qualified to meet Flame system requirements. The integrated EonStor DS 4024B and Flame solution support the creation of special visual effects such as 3D compositing, VFX, and editorial finishing, enabling optimum performance for creative media and entertainment professionals.
Click here for more details.

New Product

High Performance Enterprise Storage Server EonServ 7000

Featuring a server-storage hybrid design, Infortrend’s new high performance EonServ 7000 provides support for better drive interface, more slots for PCI-e expansion, higher maximum memory capacity, and higher scalability. Furthermore, the built-in server offers easy installation without the need to add cards or internal cable connections.
The EonServ 7000 also features stable performance with Infortrend’s unique and highly reliable RAID technology, data integrity with Intelligent Drive Recovery, easy maintenance and deployment with modular design, and simplified server and storage management via a single and user-friendly GUI in SANWatch.
For more details on the EonServ 7000, please click here.
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