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The New Lightning Speed All Flash Storage
06 June 2017

Cover Story

Infortrend Launches New 2U 25-bay High Density All Flash Storage

The new EonStor GS 3025A high density all-flash storage delivers lightning fast performance at more than 740K IOPS for random reads and less than 0.5 millisecond response time all while providing extreme efficiency and cloud integration, allowing users to leverage cloud for easy expansion, backup, and archiving.
For more details on the EonStor GS All Flash Array, please click here>>.

New Product

Excellent Price-Performance New EonStor DS 4000 G2 Storage Systems

Infortrend has again introduced a new excellent price-performance storage “New EonStor DS 4000 Gen2 series.” It delivers a performance of 750K end-to-end IOPS, 11,000MB/s sequential read and 5,500MB/s sequential write throughput, while achieving an unprecedented SPC-1 $0.21 and SPC-2 $6.68 price-performance ratio.


New Product

High Performance Unified Storage EonStor GSe Pro 3000

Infortrend’s EonStor GSe Pro 3000 series is a new high performance unified storage that supports file, block, object storage, and cloud integration as well as comprehensive data services, tremendous capacity expansion, easy maintenance and simple management to meet the wide-ranging needs of various customers.


New Product

The Compact and Powerful EonStor GSe Pro 2000

Infortrend has launched the new tower unified storage EonStor GSe Pro 2000 series. Featuring a high-performance quad-core processor, built-in 10GbE ports, applications such as LDAP and VPN servers, and cloud-integrated functions, it is the perfect choice for cross-platform file sharing and easy storage management for small offices


New Feature

Activate Your Infortrend Service Manager Now!

Service Manager, a support service built in EonOne for EonStor GS can automatically report system issues to Service Center, collect and send system logs and configuration information, accelerate RMA process and troubleshooting, and keep track of your service requests, all easily accessible at your fingertips.



Tutorial Video of Automated Storage Tiering with EonOne

Automated Storage Tiering is a storage software management feature that dynamically moves information between different disk types and RAID levels to meet space, performance, and cost requirements. It provides IT veterans an efficient storage deployment that intelligently dispatches data to their appropriate storage tiers.
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