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The Next Generation EonStor DS 3000U
01 August 2017

Cover Story

Infortrend’s Launches the New and More Powerful EonStor DS 3000U

Featuring high performance of 450K IOPS and high throughput of 6500MB/s read and 3250MB/s write, the next generation EonStor DS 3000U is an excellent general purpose storage that supports the latest 12Gb/s SAS interface on the drive side to speed up data transfer even more and meet new storage trends.

Product Renaming

Infortrend’s EonStor GSe Pro 2000 Series to be Renamed as EonStor GSe Pro 200

Infortrend’s desktop storage system EonStor GSe Pro 2000 was renamed to EonStor GSe Pro 200 starting June 30th. The decision to change the name of the storage system purpose-built for small office use was made for the series to be differentiated from other Infortrend rackmount storage systems, and to make its position clearer for customers.

New Product

The Compact Desktop Expansion Enclosure JB Pro 208

Crafted with small office space in mind and featuring a whisper quiet design, Infortrend’s JB Pro 208 8-bay desktop expansion enclosure is exclusively designed for the GSe Pro 200, instantly adding more space for data storage and delivering high performance via the latest 12GB/s SAS, making them the perfect choice for small office capacity expansion usage.

Application Notes

File Replication Features for the EonStor GS/GSe

File replication allows users to create an identical backup copy of a source to a target device further away. The major benefit of file replication is that when a source system fails, the target can swiftly restore the data and network services to the previous backup state. This document demonstrates detailed configuration process with the EonOne.

Application Notes

How to Configure Block Replication for the EonStor GS/GSe

Infortrend EonStor GS and GSe provide local or remote synchronous and asynchronous replication. Replication capability allows users to create data copies across storage systems or within a single storage system. Combined with data services such as snapshot and volume copy, remote replication allows entire data sets to be saved at separate locations.
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