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Infortrend's Shared Media Storgae is Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro
26 February 2020

Infortrend offers comprehensive shared media storage solutions that support the industry-leading NLE software, Adobe Premiere Pro. With impressive performance of up to 33 x 4K concurrent playback streams, Infortrend delivers post-production storage system for workgroups of all sizes.

Why Infortrend Shared Media Storage

High Performance
High Performance

Provides up to 33 concurrent 4K video streams playbacks.

High Scalability
High Scalability

Supports up to 100PB+ raw capacity.

High Availability
High Availability

Enterprise-level redundant hardware design to  minimize system downtime.

High Flexibility
High Flexibility

Supports multiple host connectivity options, simplifying integration with existing IT environment.

Management Software with Add-on Features

EonOne is Infortrend’s storage management software that features graphical user interface to help users easily set up and manage the system.

EonOne user interface

Setup wizard
Two Admin accounts
High Availability
M&E User Admin
User accounts
Storage quota
Basic network settings and configuration
High Availability
System Admin
Advanced system configurations
System maintenance
EonView is a PC/Mac client utility. Workstations installed with EonView can auto-detect the connected shared storage and mount corresponding shared folders for immediate access.


What EonView Does?
Quick and easy connection to the storage
Real-time shared storage event notification
User profile migration across workstations

How to Choose

Below 10 workstations
EonStor GSe Family
EonStor GSe Family
Single controller for optimized performance
EonStor GS Family
EonStor GS Family
Dual controller redundancy for mission-critical projects
Over 10 workstations
EonStor CS Family
EonStor CS Family
Scale-out NAS with 100+ GB/s performance and 100+ PB capacity

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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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