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Power On and Collaborate – Infortend's Shared Media Storage
11 March 2020
EonStor GSe

Infortend's Shared Media Storage - The Best Solution for Creative Teams

Infortrend offers comprehensive storage solutions for today’s Media and Entertainment industry that processes 4K and above ultra-high definition media footages with industry leading media editing software – DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Apple Final Cut Pro. Infortrend has been listed in Adobe® Video & Audio Partner Finder, the shared media storage is certificed to work with Adobe Premiere Pro for collaborative post-production workflow.

The EonStor GS and GSe fulfills the need for small workgroups and post production studios within 10 workstations, while the new EonStor CS scale-out storage system targets at larger-scale workgroups and post production studios with more than 10 workstations.

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Check out the only three steps required to enable collaborative editing

Configure users’ credentials (logins, passwords) and shared folders for team members through EonOne, an intuitive management software on the shared storage. You can also decide on users’ access rights (read/write/read only/no rights), as well as storage quota for each user and project folder.
Install smart utility EonView on workstations. The shared storage provides up to 12 10GbE ports so that your team members will be able to directly connect to the storage without a network switch.
As a result, media editors can now log in with their credentials and smoothly collaborate through their Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro software. Video editing projects will be synchronized between multiple clients and remote rendering servers which allows real-time collaboration and lets your team focus on what really matters – your creative projects!

Infortrend shared media storage


Designed for M&E

Unprecedented Performance
Unprecedented Performance

Editing raw 4K footage requires more performance and storage space than compressed formats. The powerful shared storage can support up to 33 x 4K concurrent playback streams.

Integrated NLE Software
Integrated NLE Software

The shared storage systems are integrated with Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Project Server, helping post video production companies to streamline workflow and collaborate Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are also supported.

Intuitive Management
Intuitive Management

EonOne management software provides initial setup wizard for users not familiar with storage to quickly deploy storage space. An intuitive GUI system status dashboard reflects the system's capacity/health information. You can also perform project server backup/restore process through EonOne.

Simplified Deployment
Simplified Deployment

The shared media storage provides Windows/macOS supported client-based utility EonView which helps to detect IP address of the GSe and automatically mounts the assigned shared folders for each editor based on setup credentials. In case of critical events, e.g. disk failure, EonView sends notifications to all clients.

High Compatibility
High Compatibility

With support of Windows/macOS operating systems and common network transport protocols, such as CIFS/SMB and NFS, The shared storage easily integrates with your existing IT environment.

High Availability
High Availability

To ensure 24/7 system availability, The shared storage comes in cable-less hardware design and features the innovative cache and drive redundant protection technologies. Dual controller redundancy solutions are also available.

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