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Powerful 4-Drive NAS Rack Solution

The Fujitsu CELVIN® NAS Server QR802 is the ideal solution for file sharing, end to end backup options and SAN (Storage Area Network) integration for SMB customers - enabling centralized data management at a reasonable price. It has dual power supplies for superior reliability with up to 12 TB of storage capacity and is designed to be rack mounted right alongside other networked enterprise equipment.

Business Server Feature

  • Multifunctional business server features bridges the worlds of SAN and NAS, enables cross-platform file sharing between Windows, Mac or Linux and support virtualization applications
  • Hot swappable drives
  • VMWare®/Citrix®/HyperV™ Capable
  • iSCSI storage for cluster virtualization
  • Encrypted remote replication for archiving

Backup Management

  • Comprehensive backup features to manage the challenge of data growth on physical and virtual machines in heterogeneous environments.
  • Easy to use online management software
  • Offsite remote replication
  • Data backup to cloud or external storage devices
  • Support for third party software

Multimedia Features

  • Up to 12 TB storage capacity
  • Easy scale-up with up to six hard disk drives including online management tools
  • Virtual disk expansion virtual disc expansion with bandwidth aggregation on two network ports for increased flexibility
  • Online capacity expansion and RAID level migration


  • Redundant power supplies
  • Service-friendly cabinet
  • 3-years spare part supply
  • Country-specific warranty
  • Top-up services are available
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