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EonStor GSe Pro 205

The EonStor GSe Pro 200 packs all the Infortrend advantages in a small and quiet tower form factor for businesses operating with space constraints and cost considerations.

Why Choose EonStor GSe Pro 200?

Perfect fit for your office
Compact form factor, sleek metal casing and whisper quiet design
Easy file sharing
Easy multi-OS file sharing in one system integrating SAN, NAS data storage
Cloud integrated
The embedded cloud engine enables users to leverage cloud services for capacity expansion, data archiving and backup, including Google Cloud, Dropbox and Alibaba Aliyun
High performance
Quad-core processor and onboard 10GbE ports deliver superior data transfer performance
Diverse selections
Multiple host board options and two expansion slots supporting 1GbE RJ45, 10GbE RJ45, 10Gb SFP+, 8Gb FC, and 16Gb FC
Simple management
User-friendly and intuitive management tool and enterprise-level data services to bring added values for users
The sleek and quiet 5-bay tower storage supports smooth operations of small businesses and workgroups in their data storage, cross-platform file sharing and cloud integration. It offers diverse host connectivity and expansion options, simple storage management, complete data services, cloud integration and more.

Product advantages?

  • 5-bay standard capacity compact and quiet tower storage
  • High performance for SMB and workgroup use cases
  • Unified system for data storage, multi-OS file sharing and cloud integration
  • Diverse host connectivity and expansion options
  • Easy storage management and complete data services
*We have multiple model variants available to suit your specific needs. For details, please refer to the datasheet.
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Copyright © 2021 ForeFront Technologies.All rights reserved
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